Naturist Spots In The Philippines

Contrary to popular belief that there are no nudist places in the Philippines, there are a couple of places that actually exist where you can practice your naturism.

However much of these places are very costly as they are either in very remote parts of the archipelago, hence the need for chartered flights/sails to reach the location.

One of the nudist spot is Malapacao Island. It is a private resort/center where the owner her self will attend to you. However, the government has been if I may use “prosecuting” the said facility because of several reasons. I even read online that the owner used pseudo names to avoid being tracked by the government. Several issues arise from this facility such as it is unsanitary and lacking of government permits, which could potentially endanger the guests.

Malapacao Island photo from

For more reviews about this facility visit and key in Malapacao Island, you should see it very prominently.

The other resort (which name I shall not state) is an island where a family of nudist lives. According to sources there is really no accommodation in the island so you’d have to bear a “Cast Away” like type of living which I think would be very charming. They also said that if you want a room the couple together with their children would leave the main house for you and live at a secondary smaller house at the back. Too much for being hospitable right? Okay here’s a clue, this island is also in Palawan. Hahaha, was that of any help? Well I am just protecting the privacy that naturists enjoy here in the Philippines.

So there if you have the money go ahead and research about the other island that is naturist friendly, if you are a true nudist I am sure you will find about it!

Update: There is another one in Cebu

Got a nudist spot to share? Leave your comments below! Cheers!